Saturday, January 22, 2011

Learning Mac 2

In order to delete files on Mac just drag them into the trash and they get un-installed. This is quite different from windows. Mac generally stores all the files required by an application in its folder, I think this is kind of like portable apps.

Also was disappointed with Mac finder which keeps throwing
The application finder cannot be opened error
what is more disappointing is the fact that this issue has been around a long time and has not been fixed.
Also sucks that you can't use NTFS on Mac i mean you can read NTFS but can't write on it.

Some apple tricks
Then on boot up, booted into UNIX by holding down command 'S' until the screen goes black and white text appears.
fsck -fy

To perform a Safe Boot, hold the Shift key as your Mac starts up.

Key to hide all other open windows and simply show the desktop

Try FN F11
If you have a Magic Trackpad you can also do this with a 4 finger swipe up.

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