Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot Deployment in JBoss 7 ( Exploding a war in JBOSS 7)

Today i had a web app which i wanted to redeploy in JBOSS so i had a look at the process to do it.

Unzip your war file for example ServiceRequestTool.war to ServiceRequestTool.war directory.

Copy your war file in the directory for deployment. For me the directory is C:\Jboss\Jboss\standalone\deployments

See image above.

My war file name is : ServiceRequestTool.war

Now if you look at the console for JBOSS you will see the following line
Found ServiceRequestTool.war in deployment directory. To trigger deployment create a file called ServiceRequestTool.war.dodeploy

For your war file replace the name and create the file

(Your War file name ).war.dodeploy

this will trigger deploy on your war.

Now for hot redeployment change any file and then
create the following file in the directory (Your War file name ).war.dodeploy again .
You can see the status change with the file types that get created.

For more information refer here and search for deployment modes.

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