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Retail-Related Abbreviations (RETEK)

Retail-Related Abbreviations

ABC – Activity Based Cost
AGVS – Automated Guided Vehicle System
ANI – Automatic Number Identification
API – Automatic Product Identification
ASM – Application Support Maintenance
ASN – Advanced Shipment Notice
ASO – Accepted Stock Out
ASP – Application Service Provider
ASRS – Automatic Storage Retrieval System
ATM – Asynchronous Transfer Mode
B2B – Business to Business
B2C – Business to Consumer
B2E – Business to Employee
BAM – Business Activity Monitoring
BAU – Business as Usual
BI – Business Intelligence
BPM – Business Process Management
BPML – Business Process Modelling Language
BRD –Business Requirements Documents
CDW – Custom Data Warehousing
CIO – Chief Information Officer
CIS - Central Information System
CIT – Customer Interface Technology
CLP – Customer Loyalty Program
CMS – Content Management System
COGS – Cost Of Goods Sold
CPFR – Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment
CRM – Costumer Reward Management
CRM – Customer Relationship Management
CRP – Conference Room Pilot
DBA – Data Base Administrator
DC – Distribution Centre or Delivery Certification (in tests)
DIY – Do It Yourself
DMM – Divisional Merchandise Manager
DRP – Distribution Requirements Planning
DSC – Digital Supply Chain
DSD – Direct Store Delivery
DSL – Digital Subscriber Loop
DSS – Decision Support Systems
DW – Data Warehousing
EAI – Enterprise Application Integration
EAN – European Article Numbering
EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance
EBIT – Earnings before Interest and Taxes
EBITDA – Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
ECR – Electronic Cash Registers
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFT – Electronic Fond Transfer
EIP – Enterprise Information Portal EIS – Executive Information Systems
EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMI – Electromagnetic Interference
EOM – End of Month
EOQ – Economic Order Quantity
EPC – Electronic Product Code
EPOS – Electronic Point Of Sale
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
ESL – Electronic Shelf Labels
ESO – Estimated Stock Out
ETL – Extract Transform and Load
FDDI – Filter Distributed Data Interface
F&T – Forecasting & Trading
FOB – Free On Board / Backhaul
FOR – Financial Operating Results
FRD - Functional Requirements Document
FTF – File Transfer Protocol
GAFS – Goods Available For Sale
GMM – General Merchandise Manager
HTS – Harmonized Tariff Schedule
IC – Integrated Circuit
IDC – International Data Corporation
IHRM – International Mobility Policy
IS – Information System / Solutions
ISO – Integrated Store Operations
ISP – Information Service Provider
IT – Information Technologies
KDD - Key Design Document
KPI – Key Performance Indicators
LAN – Local Area Network
LCD – Liquid Cristal Display
MBA – Market Basket Analysis
MBO – Managing By Objectives
MDM – Markdown Modelling
MDM – Master Data Management
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MMS – Merchandise Management System
MOR – Merchandising Operating Results
MPC – Management Planning Cycle
MPEG – Moving Picture Experts Group
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
OCS – Order Capture System
ODS – Operational Data Store
OLAP – On time Analytical Processing
OLTP – On Line Transaction Processing
ONS – Object Name Service
ORS – Order Review System
PDA – Personal Digital Assistant
PDCA – Plan Do Check Act
PDF – Portable Document File
PDM – Project Delivery Meeting
PEC - Proposal Evaluation Committee
P&L – Profit & Loss PHM – Planning Hierarchy Management
PIC – Project Internal Commitment
PLC – Power Line Communications
PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
PML – Physical Markup Language
POS – Point Of Sale
QA – Quality Assurance
RAC – Retail Active Conflict
RB – Requirements Book
RDF – Retek Demand Forecasting
RDM – Retek Distribution Management
RDW – Retek Data Warehouse
ReSA – Retek Sales Audit
RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
RFP – Request for Proposal
RIB – Retail Integration Bus
RIM - Retail Invoice Matching
RM – Requirements Management
RM4R – Revenue Management 4 Retailers
RMS - Retek Merchandise System
ROI – Return of Investment
ROQ – Recommended Order Quantity
RPAS – Retek Predictive Application Server
RPM – Retek Price Management
RPOS – Retek Point of Service
RSP – Recommended Selling Price
RTV – Return to Vendor
SCM – Supply Chain Management
SDR – System Design Review
SFA – Sales Force Automation
SIMS – Sales Integrated Management System
SKU - Store Keeping Unit
SMP – Stock Management Program
SOA – Service Oriented Architecture (architecture based on a collection of services)
SP – Space Planning
SRP – Store Replenishment Planning
SRR – System Requirements Review
SRS – System Requirements Specification
SS – Service Sphere
SSL – Secure Socket Layer
SSR – System Specification Review
TCM – Transfer Conflict Manager
TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
TQM – Total Quality Management
TRD - Technical Requirements Documents
TSB - Target Supplier Billing
TTC – Test Task Center
UAT – User Acceptance Test
UCC – Uniform Code Council
UHF – Ultra-High Frequency
UOM – Unit of Measure
UPC – Universal Product Code
VAN – Value Added Network VBM – Value Base Management
VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory
VOP – Value Offer Plan
VPN – Vendor Product Number
VPN – Virtual Private Network
VRU – Voice Response Unit
WAC – Weighted Average Cost
WIP – Warehouse Inbound Planning
WMS – Warehouse Management System
WRP – Warehouse Replenishment Planning
XML – eXtensible Markup Language
XQL – XML Query Language

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