Friday, May 4, 2012

Apple Push Notification in Java

Google project for send ing push notifications.

JavaPNS 2.2

JavaPNS is a Java library to send notifications through the Apple Push Notification Service

Welcome to the JavaPNS project, home of the most user-friendly, powerful and fine-tuned Java library for APNS! This fully-featured Java library allows developers to push notifications to iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) through the Apple Push Notification Service using a simple yet powerful set of tools. First-time users will find the library to be extremely easy to use (start with a single line of code!), while advanced users will benefit from the library's flexible design and scalability features.


  • Start sending notifications using a single line of code
  • Get started quickly with smart default settings
  • Easily switch between Apple's sandbox or production services
  • Use predefined simple notifications, or create custom and/or complex payloads
  • Benefit from the enhanced notification format
  • Send thousands of notifications using the built-in multithreaded transmission engine
  • Examine push notification results immediately and accurately
  • Query the Feedback Service with a single line of code to find inactive devices
  • Auto-resend notifications ignored by Apple servers after an error
  • Push notifications to Apple's Newsstand application with one line of code
  • Setup connection pools (queues) in no time
  • Use bundled command-line tools to test push notification and feedback
  • Rely on the library's strong error and exception management
  • Get started quickly thanks to the built-in safeguards against common mistakes
  • Build upon JavaPNS's developer-friendly API to extend its functionalities
  • Learn everything about the library through its complete and up-to-date javadoc
  • and much more!

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