Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coursera Data science Course

Had to choose a setup for python as the course uses python.
I chose pydev as i am already well aquainted with Eclipse.
I also downloaded and installed Python.
However when i copy pasted a sample code i got some errors for imported oauth module.

as i was totally new to python i had no idea how to install modules . I soon discovered that there are two ways of doing it.

Using the following command
python.exe C:\Downloads\oauth2-1.5.211.tar\oauth2-1.5.211\oauth2-1.5.211\ install

but oauth requires setup tools
for that i had to do the following was downloaded from

python.exe C:\

THe other way is to download the module and specify the path in Eclipse.
In the properties for your pydev project, there's a pane called "PyDev - PYTHONPATH", with a sub-pane called "External Libraries". You can add source folders (any folder that has an to the path using that pane. Your project code will then be able to import modules from those source folders.

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